A brief history of The European Society of Sonochemistry (ESS)

The basis of the European Society of Sonochemistry (ESS) have been established on October 1990 during the first ESS meeting organized in Autrance (France) by Prof. Jean-Luis Luche.

The legal status and the formal recognition of the ESS by French Authorities was presented at the second ESS meeting held at Gargnano, Italy in September 1991 (Fig. 1).1Fig. 1. ESS 2, Gargnano, Italy.
The third ESS Meeting was organized at Figuera da Foz, in Portugal (March 1993), then moving around Europe (France, U.K., Spain, Germany, Italy and Ukraine) this scientific community in more than 20 years disseminates fundamental knowledge and applications of sonochemistry to several generations of researchers.
The last successful meeting (ESS 14) was held in France (Fig. 2) and the next incoming event (ESS 15) that will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ESS, will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) on June 27-July 1, 2016.2Fig. 2. ESS 14, Avignon, France

Since 2011, the ESS in collaboration with Ampere (microwaves) organized three Editions of Summer School in High Energy Processing Ultrasound & Microwave Technologies. First in Avignon (2011), then in Turin (2013) and the last in Krakow (2015), in sequence documented by the three photos below (Fig. 3). A five-days course with lessons and practical activities with sonochemical equipments and microwaves reactors.345 Fig. 3.

The three Editions of Summer School

With the aim to overcome the technical limitation of the old ESS statute, on 2014 the new ESS was registered in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany) under EU regulation. Herein are reported the main purposes of the scientific association:
The ESS promotes science and research in the field of sonochemistry. The ESS is promoting international and interdisciplinary research; is exchangingprofessional, technical, industrial and economic information; is promoting training programmes,workshops, summer schools; is organising international conferences on sonochemistry;is maintaining close contacts and cooperation with related companies, including national andinternational bodiesCurrently the Executive Board is composed by Giancarlo Cravotto (President), Jean-Yves Hihn (Vice-President), Christos Argirusis (Treasurer) and Claudia Bianchi (Secretary). (Download the full story here.)