Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Dear ESS members,

Scientific and technological progress now occurs at the interface between two or more scientific disciplines while chemistry is intertwined with almost all scientific domains. Complementary and synergistic effects have been found in the overlay between sonochemistry and other enabling technologies such as mechanochemistry, microwave chemistry and flow-chemistry. This means that today more than ever, sonochemistry and cavitational chemistry are extremely alive in almost all scientific domains and in particular in process intensification. A challenging future for all sonochemists: chemists, physics, engineers, biologists, that may redesign chemical processes in a smarter way. Sonochemistry is the core of greener integrated technologies based protocols which aim for higher efficiency and sustainability.

I wish you all to find within the ESS stimulating collaborations and complementary expertises for ambitious research projects in which our techniques will be recognized still further as a powerful ally to green chemistry and beyond.

Best wishes to everybody for a new successful year plenty of brilliant scientific results!

Giancarlo Cravotto